Automated Trading Made Easy!

Trader68 is a fully automated order routing system which allows you to auto-trade your real-time signals live -- as soon as they are generated! Trade orders are routed from your system to your broker without any action required on your part.
  • Auto-trading of Stocks, ETF's, Futures and FOREX markets.
  • Choose from over 18,000+ trading systems on Collective2 and Tradery.
  • Supporting Individual & Advisor Interactive Brokers accounts.
  • Integrate custom signals from other trading software through Trader68's API.


Use TradingSolutions, Collective2, Tradery or your own custom signal application to send buy or sell signals to Trader68 and it will auto-trade with your broker. Download now and use Trader68 today.

Consulting Services

Do you need expert assistance taking your trading system to the next level? Let NeuroDimensionís consulting services help you. Our experts bring over 20 years of trading software and system development experience to each project.

Private Trading Server

Afraid of your home Internet or power going out while you are away? A Private Trading Server allows you to run Trader68 on a remote server with a 99.99% guaranteed up time of your virtual environment and Internet connection!

Collective2 for Developers

The Trader68 Professional edition has a feature designed to help professional traders and advisors automatically publish their trading strategy's to Collective2. Trade executions can be sent from a custom signal application (.NET DLL) or from a licensed copy of TradingSolutions Real-Time.