Camera Straps: A Functional Identification Accessory for Photographers

Camera Strap

Camera StrapIt seems that artistic and event photography is everywhere right now, so much so that even amateurs are snapping professional-looking photographs with their DSLR cameras. At certain events, such as concerts, conferences, and corporate gatherings, many companies now designate an official photographer.

More often than not, the official photographer will have exclusive rights to publish the photographs, which also protects the privacy of the individuals at the event. This is especially important when a high profile individual is in attendance, such as the artists performing at a concert.

While having a DSLR camera sets apart the official photographer from the others, it becomes even easier to identify them with a much overlooked accessory: the camera strap.

As an Identification Accessory

Camera straps can serve as a key identification accessory for events. While photographer passes and printed lanyards are still the norm, having a custom designed camera strap can make it even easier to identify who exactly is authorized to take professional quality photos during events.

For one thing, camera straps are often wider and more visible than a standard lanyard. It makes it easier to see the photographer and also makes him look more authoritative to others at the event.

Camera Straps are Great for Promotions, Too

Many photographers tend to stick to the camera strap that their cameras originally came with. They usually come in colors like black or grey, and usually feature the brand name of the camera.

Instead of promoting the camera’s brand, why not promote your own company instead? Customized camera straps are very popular among corporate photographers — not only does it make you stand out, it is a great way to display your brand name as well.

Like printed lanyards, a camera strap is a low-cost, functional, promotional piece that can be used over and over again. You can choose to print one that promotes the event itself, but you can also create an all-purpose strap that displays your brand name, so that you can use it in other places as well.

Increased Safety at Events

Colorful Camera StrapCamera straps keep your precious photography equipment safe from accidental drops and generally makes them easier to carry.

Yet a custom camera strap can make the event itself safe, too. For example, in some events, there are unsanctioned photographers who would sneak in their cameras and pretend to be the official photographer. If you implement a custom strap for your event, you can tell at a glance which cameras are contraband.

It can also serve as a way to identify a camera in case it gets lost. A custom strap can indicate that this particular piece of photographic equipment belongs to your company.

Custom Camera Straps by Dynamic Gift

A custom camera strap is undoubtedly a fantastic identification and promotional accessory for photographers to have. Those who want their own custom camera strap, you can visit providers like These companies create fully customizable camera straps and lanyards, with your choice of fittings, colors, and prints.

Make sure to choose camera straps that are versatile and eye-catching, and will be a great addition to your company’s roster of promotional items.