HR Trends of 2017 to Watch Out for

HR Service Provider in BrisbaneWhether you have an HR team in your company, or you outsource to HR service providers, it is important to keep up with the times. With 2017 fast approaching, new changes and trends will inevitably come along. Knowing what these trends are can greatly contribute to your company’s HR, and perhaps even to your business as a whole. Here are a few trends to watch out for this 2017.

Technology in the Lead

For one, you can count on technology to affect workforce management and HR policies. Although human resources in the past have been characterised as slow to adapt to modern technology, that description has been changing and will only accelerate in 2017. With new tech, human resources will have better processes in finding, screening, and hiring new talent.

Work Redefined

In the next year, you can also expect work to be redefined. Millennials are now becoming the majority of the available workforce as baby boomers are retiring. The new generation is initiating a change towards flexible work arrangements, short-term outsourcing, crowdsourcing, and an on-demand economy. You can encourage workforce agility because of this, yet you will also face challenges in recruitment, performance, and compliance.

Teams over Individuals

A third trend of the coming year are teams which are replacing individuals. Teams of individuals are becoming much more common and demanded. Companies look to teams to improve performance, efficiency, and effectiveness. You can use this by hiring talent based on how well they can work in a team.

The New Customer

According to experts, the employee is the new “client”. In line with this, companies are now pushing to personalise and enrich employee experience. You can look to Google as a company which practices this already. The goal behind this shift is to keep employees engaged and motivated to maintain productivity in the workplace.

Knowing these four trends can help you improve your company’s HR even more. You can let your in-house team work on such trends or hire HR services to bring their insights to your company.