Is Your Website Ready to Become Age-Responsive?

Web Design for Responsive Sites in Salt Lake CityToday, responsive web designs are a must. Many mobile users tend to switch away from websites that don’t fit the screen size or resolution of their devices. Hence, if you don’t want to lose a potential client, you should have a responsive site. But, is that all you need? How about this upcoming trend about age-responsive sites?

Customized Navigation Menu Designs

Web design companies in Salt Lake City, for instance, have already customized their clients’ sites based on the user interest. This means the site can automatically lead the users to other pages that might interest them by suggesting links or creating specified pop-ups. But, if you want to have an age-responsive site, you need a designer that creates navigation menus that can respond to the user’s age or competency level. Stripped-down interfaces, for instance, are perfect for young and beginner users.

Font-Related Changes in the Design

Age-responsive sites can adjust their font size and style for elderlies who can no longer see clearly. With this feature, users of various eye grades can enjoy optimal viewing of your site. This way, you won’t lose any potential client, especially if you’re targeting the older demographics.

Adjustable Color Schemes

Apart from font and navigation menus, color schemes of an age-responsive site may also be altered for the benefit of various people. Vibrant colors are ideal for younger users, while older users prefer milder color schemes.

By having an age-responsive site, you don’t only have a chance to offer a pleasant user experience. But more importantly, this is also an opportunity for you to introduce your brand in specific ways depending on how you want to approach a certain target audience. So this coming 2017, make sure you’re ahead of the curve by tweaking your site into an age-responsive one!