Smart Marketing: Outsmart Competitors with the Best Food Product Packaging

Best Food Product PackagingSo you started your own food product business, but for some reason, you cannot figure out what tickles your customer’s fancy. Despite your years of grocery shopping, you never thought about what makes you choose a certain product on the shelf. You always believed it was either the feedback from other consumers, the reputation of the brand, or the advertising message.

However, a study conducted by the University of Delaware discovered that the color of the packaging is the reason for 85% of product purchase. Even though the color is the primary reason for purchase decisions, there are several factors to consider when developing a successful packaging. Whether you choose shrink sleeves for cans or plastic covers over tetra packs, find out how below:

Consider their Perception

As you are working in the food industry, your packaging should trigger their appetite and entice them unconsciously. For instance, customers who purchase your cakes would love to see the beauty of what they bought. To do this, have a window or opening in your packaging emphasizing its quality.

Consider their Necessities

With this, you have to think about what you are offering. If your product is made of glass, then prepare a sturdy packaging to keep it safe. If you are selling frozen goods, ensure that customers can reheat the food in the package. If you offer hot drinks, choose insulated paper cups than other materials to avoid contamination. It is essential that your customers feel that you consider their needs and protect your product.

Consider their Convenience

If you want to retain your customers and keep them coming back, consider their convenience. For instance, you can put your product in a reusable container that they can wash and reuse afterwards. They not only get a free container, but they can reuse it when they want to purchase your product again.

The package of your food product communicates directly to your customers through its copy, colors and graphics. You have to ensure that you get everything right as it can make or break your business.