The Legitimacy and Value of Local SEO to Small Businesses in 2017

Local Search Engine Optimization in DenverThe internet has paved the way for today’s generation to identify themselves as “digital natives,” and basically, this means that more and more people are becoming proficient with technology at such an early age. Conversely, this presents opportunities for businesses of whatever size.

Take, for instance, how local search engine optimization in Denver has helped small businesses grow. It provides businesses a legitimate and budgeted way to reach its target audience. A business looking to grow should know how to utilize their resources properly, given the statistics.

The Prevalence of Internet Use

Forty percent of the entire population in the world has access to the internet, while digital natives spend an average of 17 hours a day interacting with technology. Millennial teenagers spend an average of 6.3 hours on their smartphones on a daily basis, a long enough period of time for online browsing.

With the right digital marketing strategies, a business can reach its target market and create better chances for conversion. Small businesses, in particular, benefit from SEO because it costs less than traditional advertising strategies like print and television ads. Researching on keywords, coming up with effective title tags and descriptions, and providing reviews and basic business information are central to reaching the target market.

Leveling the Playing Field

This is what search engine optimization (SEO) has provided businesses – a way to level the playing field against the largest of companies, albeit the former being at an apparent disadvantage. When competing against companies that already have consumer loyalty, local SEO helps a small business through the following ways:

  1. A focus on geo-modified search queries can propel a business up in the rankings of search engine results pages (SERPs). The monthly searches for a certain service or product, for example, can amount to over a thousand, but using a geo-modifier to the query trims down the volume of monthly searches to around a hundred or so. A hundred searches may still be a lot, but it’s substantially better than 50,000. It’ll result in higher conversion rates for sure.
  2. A small business with a physical store that has optimized business listings in local search engines will allow for an increase in rankings and online presence. This is primarily because of mobile searches dominating last year. Trends predict that mobile searches will increase as we enter 2017, given the prevalence of smart phones and mobile internet.
  3. The long-term approach of local SEO is much more effective because it is inherent to SEO. It ensures that there is room for organic ranking to grow. With powerful, more popular brands taking a huge chunk of organic search, careful SEO strategies such as monitoring and managing can help a small business garner organic search visibility.

One thing that any business should consider is this scenario – its website is comparable to an actual store and the internet is like the street or city where the store locates itself. An increase in web traffic, then, can be viewed as a throng of people passing by or checking the store. For a small business, this can never be a bad thing.

careful understanding of local SEO’s impact on a small business emphasizes how important presence and visibility are. Consumers are spending more of their time online these days, browsing about and checking reviews. A small business that isn’t taking advantage of this through local SEO is just plainly missing out.

Among other reasons, local SEO can only bolster a small business and its profitability, rather than affect it negatively. It takes a deeper comprehension of how the internet works in accordance with the consumer’s online behavior – this is the path that digital marketing lays out for any business.