Top Three Web Design Trends for 2017

Web Design TrendsThe new year welcomes a new set of design trends. One you should not miss, especially if you have a business online, are trends in web design. Know which will rule our browsers and make sure to consider them for your own site.

Use of Color

Color has always been important in web design. Its many uses, however, will put a greater impact on websites this year. Its ability to influence visitors’ emotions and thoughts will lead to conversion rates for both small and big businesses. Now, the question is, which colors should you utilize? Pantone announced Greenery as 2017’s Color of the Year so consider using that. Add more zest to the revitalizing shade by experimenting with palettes that work around the hue. A few recommended are olive, mustard, and monochromatic tones.


Cinemagraphs made waves in design and photography worlds last year, and they will continue to emerge in 2017. Unique and visually striking, cinemagraphs are still photos with elements that have repeated movements. They typically come in GIF or video, and are ideal not only for websites but for social media posts as well. When using for web design, cinemagraphs can effectively narrate a story such as company history or an existing campaign. Make sure to use them wisely by choosing their images properly.

Bold and Creative Typography

2016 saw the rise of calligraphy and minimalistic typography. But this year, bold and creative typography will take the stage. According to SEO Werkz, a company in Salt Lake City offering web design, 2017 will push the boundaries of what designers can do with type. Creative typefaces will rule more spaces and more screens, allowing them to deviate from the usual web fonts. Also, expect to see more color not only in typefaces but in their respective backgrounds as well. This kind of style is ideal for websites that wish to focus on branding or deliver an important message.

Trends come and go and they important for your business. When utilizing this year’s web design trends, make sure that it matches your business, your brand, and the message you want to deliver.