Why Positioning Can Make or Break Your Brand

Advertising Agency FyshwickWhy do you think consumers choose a particular product when a lot of them are very similar with negligible differences? This happens because of the positioning that takes place among brands. They take certain niches such as affordability, exclusivity, and good at one thing or excellent customer service. Your brand needs to take its place in a certain spot in the minds of an audience.

Standing Out

Brands must find a differentiation point among their competitors. Standing out is difficult, as the Internet has flattened the marketplace, making entering and leaving a niche easy. Trying to be the jack-of-all-trades is often the go-to approach for many companies. However, this approach isn’t as effective as you’d think; it’s enticing to believe that offering multiple benefits in one product or service will allow you to enter and dominate a market. But its drawbacks are poor awareness and recognition, leading to lower sales and profits.

The best brands find a way to position their products and services in one particular space in the minds of their consumers, says Voodoo Creative. This is why it’s always best to work with experienced creative advertising agencies.

Building Perception

Positioning is also about creating a perception about your brand; this allows someone who sees a product to create an association or emotion that may funnel them further down the buying channel. The right logo, images on adverts and websites, and colour combinations enforce certain thoughts and may elicit the responses you want.

Delivering the Goods

It’s not only about your positioning and the things you say, you may say one thing but a customer doesn’t perceive it that way. As a brand delivering on your promises is a must, no matter how small it is. Broken trust is a sure fire way to lose market share to the competition.

Brand positioning is important to the success of your campaign, products and services. Creating a clear definition of who you are and what you sell in a certain niche gives you an advantage.